Multistatic spherical view radar overcomes the limitations of conventional radars

Critical infrastructure

Sensitive sites, power plants, government or public facilities, VIP residences

  • - Detect and track drones conducting surveillance/reconnaissance, drones placing/retrieving bugging devices or other objects
  • - Minimize radar blind spots around complex architecture
  • - Compact and suitable for stealth installations
  • - Minimal risk for personnel or residents due to low radiation power

Controlled airspace locations

Airports, launch sites, UTM solutions

  • - Provides unmatched 3D situational awareness showing exact drone location on 2D and 3D UI display enabling a precise response
  • - Detects up to 100 targets (0.5 meters resolution) with a Radar Cross Section of 3cm x 3cm within 2km radius at an accuracy of 1 cubic meter
  • - Maintain high positioning resolution across the entire coverage volume

Prisons / correctional facilities

Prisons, refugee / migrant camps, other restricted areas

  • - Detect targets as low as 1 meter above the ground or other obstacles like walls or fences
  • - Maintain track history of every detected target including stopping/hovering time so, if the UAV approaches a window, for example, it is easy to determine precisely which window and for how long
  • - Detect autonomous RF-silent drones preprogrammed to drop a payload in the restricted area
  • - Provide drone detection alert and target coordinates in real-time to aim an optical or other evidence-recording system

Commercial sites

Logistic centers, warehouses, production facilities, test ranges

  • - Detect drones possibly carrying hacking or eavesdropping devices to attack enterprise networks
  • - Detect drones conducting unwanted surveillance or competitive reconnaissance
  • - Able to "mask" or exclude objects from the detection areas that are not relevant (air conditioners, flags, road traffic etc.)

Border protection

State borders, controlled perimeters, recreational areas

  • - SVR can detect any type of moving targets (airborne, people, vehicles etc.) with accurate resolution of 1 m3 over the entire controlled volume
  • - Detect targets approaching up to 1 meter close to the receiver or transmitter
  • - Elements of the system could be installed directly on the controlled perimeter eliminating all blind spots

Public events

Sport and musical events at stadiums, open field shows, parades

  • - Detect drones making prohibited video recordings
  • - System setup could be used as temporary installation and, after the event, moved elsewhere
  • - Low energy consumption lowers the requirements for an additional power supply