Spherical Vision Radar can work either as a standalone solution with advanced UI system, or as a sensor to be integrated into a broader security system

Industry standard protocols

Data output of all detected target coordinates are exported in real time via industry standard protocols Asterix or Sapient to be integrated into a third-party user interface or to be used as one of the data sources in a complex Command & Control security system

Cost effectiveness

Offered as an off-the-shelf product with a base price of $350K for the basic setup, Spherical View Radar provides a hard-to-match cost to accuracy ratio. Scalable technology allows flexible installation in small increments avoiding excess costs on unnecessary equipment or extra capacity.


Spherical View Radar is tailored to every installation site in order to provide the best performance on the market. Flexible by design, Spherical View Radar will meet any end user requirements.

OEM production

For top-tier security system integrators that provide turnkey solutions in the counter-drone market and are sensitive about their brand name, Spherical View Radar could be supplied as “white label” equipment.